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KAMWA 2009


Main ideas of Festival Kamwa

is a cultural initiative, social movement, a new festival tradition of the Perm Region. It received its name from the mighty Kama river. The name of the Festival was coined from the two old Finno-Ugric roots - KAM which means a Man, Shaman and WA which means Water.

The Festival W is a multicultural project, which unites the traditions of the ancient peoples and contemporary art, ethnic culture and culture of a metropolis. The Festival W is an acquaintance with the original living culture of the peoples of the Ural, Siberia, Funno-Ugric territories of Russia, near and far abroad countries. The festival includes different genres: traditional and contemporary (based on folk material) music, dance, fashion, media art, ethnography and traditional crafts

Organizers of the festival.
Perm Regional Non-governmental Organization for promotion cultural and youth projects KAMWA. The festival is held with support from Ministry of Culture and Mass Communication of the Perm Region.

Purposes and objectives of the Festival

- promoting the new forms of integration of traditional and mass cultures and contemporary art ;
- forming interest to the cultures of different peoples;
- discovering and supporting distinctive authors, performers and teams;
- developing and harmonizing international relations;
- attracting youth's attention to the sources of the national spiritual culture;
- encouraging a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking,
- forming the environmental awareness;
- cultural exchange

Place and time of the Festival. The Festival KAMWA is held on the different grounds of the Perm city and at the territory of the open-air KHOKHLOVKA Museum of Wooden Architecture. The period of the festival is July, 30-rd - August, 2-nd.

Participants. KAMWA invites the teams, authors and performers, working at authentic, ethnic and folk materials. The delegations of Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia are also welcome. The quantitative composition of the delegation from each region or country shouldn't exceed 10 members.

Entry list includes:

- musical and dancing teams;
- artists, clothing designers, decorative artists;
- Mass-media, journalists, producer groups;
- Ethno-Djs, media projects;

All the participants should fill in the form, send video or audio record (for the musicians) and 3 digital photos for publications. Deadline for applications is June, 1-st.

The conditions of participation in the festival Ethnofashion-2009 are presented in Regulations of the event at www.kamwa.ru

The conditions of participation in the "Dances of the World" Programme are presented in Regulations of the event at www.kamwa.ru

The organizing committee considers applications and sends official invitations and the detailed programme of the festival before July, 1-st.

Festival Programme. The festival programme includes the presentations of projects, concerts, performances, workshops, a gala concert, exhibitions of ethno futuristic and decorative artists, ethno fashion shows, club projects, ethno media.

Performances period for teams: presentation - 5-10 minutes, participation in the gala-concert 15-20 minutes, solo (by agreement) 30-60 minutes.

Financial conditions. Expenses covered by the Organizing Committee are accommodation in Perm, meals, cultural programme, local transportation in Perm and in the region, interpreters. Participants will have to take care of getting to Perm on their own (visas, international travel, medical insurance).

Designers and the decorative artists, participating in a selling exhibition, have to pay the fee in the amount of 500 rubles.

Awards for participants. The creative teams and projects are awarded with special diplomas and souvenirs. The information about the participants is published in the festival leaflet and at www.kamwa.ru

Following the results of the Festival the CD KAMWA-Live 2009 with the musical compositions of the festival participants and the programmes Ethnofashion-2009 and "Dances of the World" will be produced.

Contacts: kamwa@mail.ru

KAMWA 2009


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