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Exclusive disks
Gold reserves of the Perm Region

A musical series includes the best of the oral folklore of the indigenous peoples living on the banks of the Kama river: Komi-Permyaks, Udmurts, Maris, Russians, Tatars and Bashkirs. The edition will consist of 6 volumes, which will contain the oral material recorded during the expeditions into the native land of these peoples.

The series should fill up the gap in the field of the Perm folklore study and the study of the folklore of small-numbered ethnic communities.  

Such edition is being prepared the first time ever in the Perm Region.

Anthology of the Komi-Permyak folklore

Komi-Permyaks is one of the Funno-Ugric peoples, who lived on the Perm area of the Kama region. The disk represents the folk songs, recorded in the summer 2007 in

the Yusva region, the Kochevsky region, the Kosinsky and the Kudymkarsky regions of the Komi-Permyak Area. Listening to the disk you will hear the sounds of the wooden "pu drum" and a female multi-piped flute "pelyana".

© 2007 «KAMWA»

Anthology of the Mari folklore

The Anthology introduces the richest heritage of the ancients of the Kama region. The Mari population of the Kama region descended from those, who had developed the Ural land long time ago.

The Mari ancestors settled along the Sylva river and founded the villages Tebenyaki, Vaskino, Ivankovo, Krasniy Lug, Syzganka, Tukmany, situated in the Sunksunsky region of the Perm Region. Therefore the Mari people from the Perm territories are usually called the Sylva Mari due to the place their ancestors had been living.

© 2008 «KAMWA»

ĘŔĚWŔ - Living Flow of Time

The collection of ethnic music, which includes the tracks of the participants of the International Ethno futuristic Festival Kamwa-2006. There are Vedan Kolod (Krasnoyarsk), Yoki (Moscow),  Tyloburdo (Udmurtia), Mordens (Moscow), among the Perm participants there are Irina Pyzhyanova, Ivan Stepanov, Eduard Andriyanov.

© 2007 «KAMWA»



The collection of ethnic music, which includes the tracks of the participants of the Festival «Kamwa-2007». The record contains the music of Sergey Starostin and Mario Kaldararu (Moscow), the bands Va-Ta-Ga (Petrozavodsk), Torama (Mordovia), SATTUMA (Karelia) and Kirkincho Sp (Moscow). All the records were made during the live-shows of KAMWA-2007.

© 2008 «KAMWA»

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