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KAMWA 2009 


Alex Spod (Izhevsk, Udmurtia) http://www.myspace.com/twistedkitchen

Alex Spod is a project of a young Izhevsk composer of electronic music Alexander Chistyakov.
Alex Spod is not a virtual (soft) product, but a live electronic one. All the music is created with the help of electronic equipment, samplers, drum machines, synthesizer modules, production and work station, sound effect processor and mixers. All the process of creating music and performing it, is live. Every change of tracks happens in real time and this is the most essential in the aesthetics of the live show of electronic musicians.

Alizbar (Moscow - Budapest) http://www.alizbar-harp.com

Alizbar (Eduard Sukhar) is a maestro of playing the Celtic harp. He calls his compositions «melodies-fairytales». He together with the guitar player Beriadan (Alexander Samodum) will present his own «compositions of the magic mood, arranged in impressionistic and minimalistic manner». The music of Alizbar derives inspiration from the depth of the human culture and unites the Balkan, Celtic improvisation and medieval traditions. We will hear the result of the mental efforts and skill of Alizbar, which will interfere in our lives and make us feel the music deeper.
http://myspace.com/alizbarharp http://www.youtube.com/alizbar

BuDa & Friends (Yekaterinburgh) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvsR1uhg8iA

The musicians BuDa & Friends create the compositions which embrace all the beauty and diversity of the African music, adding the unique effects of the Australian pipe didgeridoo, the original Jamaican, African and Australian chants and the free plastic dancing, to them.

Ladi Mari (Izhevsk, Udmurtia) http://www.lovi.tv/video/play.php?Code=muewawakuh

Ladi Mari (Maria Korepanova) - a singer of the ancient tunes (known in Russia as krezes) of the northern Udmurts and Besermyans (the small ethnic community, living among the northern Udmurts). She develops her musical style, maintaining the original sound of the ancient songs. From 2001 to 2003 Ladi Mari has been participating in the team Tiloburdo, when they started their first ethnomusical experiments based on the Udmurt folklore. Now she is being invited as a soloist into different ethnic projects. In summer 2008 the experimental project «Ladi Mari and the group ETO» has been created and gained success on the First International Festival of Epic Culture «Eposes of the World at the Place of Kalevala» (Petrozavodsk) and on the Third International Ethno-Futuristic Festival Kamwa (Perm). On the festival Kamwa-2009 Ladi Mari will present the solo and the performance with the MIMICRY project.

KAMWA 2009


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