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Schedule of the IV International Ethno-futuristic Festival KAMWA-2009/ Perm/ July, 30 - August, 2

July, 30

15.00 Press conference. Art-club (Hotel Ural)

16.00 Opening of the Festival. Art-club (Hotel Ural)

19.00 Concert of the DAKHA-BRAKHA band (Ukraine). Large Philharmonic Hall, Perm Culture&Business Centre

21.00 Concert of the group Kalashnikovband (Moscow, Russia). Art-club (Hotel Ural)

July, 31

11.00 Musical workshops. Art-club (Hotel Ural)

12.00 Special programmes

15.00 Opening of the exhibition VOLSHEBSTVO (magic, fortune-telling) in the MARIS Gallery

16.00 Programme AUTHENTICA, part I. Art-club (Hotel Ural)

18.00 Programme DANCES of the WORLD. Large Philharmonic Hall, Perm Culture&Business Centre

20.00 OPEN AIR in the Uralskie Dobrovoltsi - Square

23.00 ETHNOPARTY. DJ-Set MIMICRY project (Perm, Russia), Alex Spod (Izhevsk, Russia), DUNKELBUNT [dunkelbunt](Austria)

August, 1

11.00 Dancing workshops. Perm Regional Centre ROSTOK

12.00 Special programmes

16.00 ETHOFASHION Festival. Perm River Station

19.00 Project SAYARI. Roots of Gypsy (Rajasthan, India). Large Philharmonic Hall, Perm Culture&Business Centre

21.00 Programme AUTHENTICA, part II. Art-club (Hotel Ural)

August, 2

12.00 - Big OPEN-AIR in KHOKHLOVKA. New Harvest Feast and gala performance.
Museum of Wooden Architecture KHOKHLOVKA.

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